About me Chi sono

I was born on an usual day, in an usual year, in an indefinite place, and I attended mandatory school ‘cause I was forced to.
All I wanted was to create something I wasn’t even aware of, a feeling that was inspired to me by the beautiful, colorful countryside where I grew up.
One day I found an old camera and I took pictures of all the colors, landscapes, and natural elements that surrounded me. I knew no special technique, but I realised that I was able to “read” the light and the way it shaped the world.
I wanted to capture that light, and that natural technique, so I took photography lessons and got interested in still-life pictures.

After many attempts, as my passion was constantly growing, I was called by an industrial photography company, Ricciarelli.it, and asked to work with them to participate their visual communication project.
That professional experience allowed me to improve my skills and get to know the best design and architecture studios operating in Italy, such as mododesign.it.

From films to digital photos, I’ve experienced the technical change of photo-shooting and I’ve learned many important lessons that helped me create my professional freelance career.
Since then I’v met many outstanding people and found new solutions to meet my customers’ needs. My biggest passion has evolved into a beautiful job that allows me to study and grow, ‘cause “in life and from life - you learn”.